MB-055 / DMX Mirror Ball Motor

Apart from conventional one, DMX mirror ball motor offers a flexible and selective control for the rotation, and generates much more diverse effects. It is compatible with standard DMX-512, and runs for 2 channels. The metal chassis is compact and sturdy, and also comes with a M10 fixing hole on top of bracket which makes installation easy and fast. It is designed to fit wide range of mirror ball size up to diameter 50 cm.


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MB-055 / DMX Mirror Ball Motor

1. Runs for 3 functions: DMX, stand-alone, master-slave.
2. Two DMX channels: channel one is output control where you could plug in lamp up to 60 W; channel two is motor control for controlling motor travel from 0.5RMP to 5R MP, for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
3. DMX-512 control: fully compatible with standard DMX protocol. The LED indicator will flash with 2 Hz while receiving the correct data.
4. Master-Slave: Any unit of the link can act as a master, and make the others in this link run synchronously. No controller or DMX signal is required in this mode.
5. Stand Alone: Speed and direction can be controlled by DIP switching.
- Power Input: AC90-250V 60 Hz.
- Power Consumption: 10W (Max).
- Fuse: 3 A.
- DMX Channel: 2 channels (one for motor / one for power output).
- Power output: 60 W (Max) .
- Max Load: Dia. 50 cm (20”) mirror ball.

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Mirror Ball

E0502 2" mirror ball

E0504 4" mirror ball

E0508 8" mirror ball

E0510 10" mirror ball

E0512 12" mirror ball

E0516 16" mirror ball

E0520 20" mirror ball

E0524 24" mirror ball

E0540 40" mirror ball

E0550 50" mirror ball


MM-1212 Mirror Mat for 12"  x 12"  glass 

• 12 inch x12 inch flexible mirrored tiles sheet.

• Attach to walls, cylinders and more.

• Glass tiles 1.1 cm x 1.1 cm.

• Double sided tape .



Mirror Ball Motor

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KUPO Digi Fan
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