GR-PS02 / Goreal Intercom

Goreal intercom system, including headset, belt pack and power station, is designed to fulfill the requirement for entertainment. It is a system featuring portable, compact, plug-n-play with no complicated settings. This system is ideal for the live event while the local communication is required, and making the communication clear, authentic and real-time.
Power Station
Same as GR-PS01 for working with universal power input (90-240V), this power station powers up to 60 units of belt pack in same time for operation. Three channels A/B/C can be linked up as A+B, or B+C, or put them all together A+B+C for larger group. It is made to fit standard 19”rack. Low profile and compact.
KUPO Goreal Intercom1. Channel A outlet for belt packs / 2. Channel B outlet for belt packs / 3. Channel C outlet for belt packs / 4. Link up Channel A and B / 5. Link up Channel B and C When these two buttons are pressed, Channel A, B, C are all linked up all together / 6. LED indication for power status / 7. AC power switch

GR-PS02 / Power Station

Goreal, the wired intercom system, is made to carter the need for live event production. This intercom system offers premium broadcast quality audio transmission, rendering accurate and liner sound reproduction for professional applications including radio, TV studio, theatre and churches. Goreal intercom power stations are fabricated with compact yet sturdy aluminum alloy chassis.


Input Voltage 90-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage Max. DC / 24-27V, 3.8A
Measurement 4.5 x 48 x 23 mm
Weight 3.5 kgs

KUPO Goreal Intercom
KUPO Goreal Intercom