CHC-14LVC-EU / LVC Chain Hoist Controller

LVC Chain Hoist Controller
RIGPRO Chain Hoist Controller for LVC (Low Voltage Control Chain Hoist)

Rigpro 4-channel LVC controller in brief hard case is designed for entertainment rigging on the go, covering a comprehensive range of input & control voltage no matter where the tour goes. The most sophisticated and professional controller for LVC chain hoist in its range.

※ 12-Channel Remote Controller-Remote controller is optional.



Dimension: L 52 x W 42 x H 21 (cm)
Weight: 10.00 kgs (with water-proof case)

1. Feasible to control the chain hoist with input power voltage of 3-phase 220 / 380 / 400 / 440V, and the control voltage 24 / 48 / 110V.
2. Flat pushbutton switch with LED indicators and LED screen offers a clear visible identification of operation status.
3. Phase error protection, including phase missing or phase reverse warning, secures the operation with the right power condition.
4. Pickle mode enables the technician to control LVC chain hoist with pickle directly, with power supplied by this console.
5. Duo control interface, console or remote controller, provides the most flexible and powerful operation.
6. Remote controller (optional) can be easily hooked up with console through 5-pin XLR cable, providing “Go” link for controlling up to 12 units of chain hoist.