KUPO Stage Wire winch

PL-200 is a single phase wire winch, rated for load capacity 200kgs. Compact and lightweight design turns it perfect mobility on the move. Single-phased motor makes the operation quick, simple and easy as it can plug up in anywhere the AC power is on hand. It is fabricated with dia.5mm stainless steel wire rope in 30M lengths with lifting speed 23M/min, rather ideal for those small-to-medium scales of venues or time-consuming rigging application with less heavy load. With its light-duty and portability, PL-200 can be the great rigging solution to the need.



Demension: 240 (L) x 180 (W) x 660 (H) mm, 15 kgs (N.W), 23 kgs (G.W)

Capacity (kg)
Wire Rope
Wire Rope Lift
(M / min)
50Hz 60Hz
200 100-120 / 200-240 1 5 28 19 1.2




1. FeaturesThe lower limit switch is designed in order to prevent wire rope under-wound.
2. Upper limit switch will be triggered when hook disc touch it; the motor will automatically stop for safety.
KUPO Stage Wire winch
360°swivel hook for freely movement; wire terminated with double aluminum sleevesfor further security; thimble provides greatest protection to the wire from the wear ofcontacting latch.

KUPO Stage Wire winch

An easy accessible window for brush replacement, covered up for water and dust proof.

KUPO Stage Wire winch


Labeling for load capacity 200 kgs on the side panel for clear identification; cable and attached to the holding point to prevent over running.
KUPO Stage Wire winch



1-CH Wire Winch Controller

CHC-11-1P Single Phase One Channel Wire Winch Controller.
KUPO Stage Wire Winch Controller


Built-up with impact-resistance compound plastic, this hand held
direct controller provides handy operation forwire winch.Lockable
E-stop button for immediately killing power. Up and down push
button controls the travelling direction. 1.7M cables for both input
and output, with CEE 2P+E connector (input) and 5 Pin connector