RIGPRO BGV D8+ Chain Hoist

Introducing RD-500 and RD-500P, all-new Rigpro chain hoist complying with German BGV D8+ (IGVW SPQ2) standard. Load capacity 500kgs. Euipped with double DC brake and designed based on 10:1 mechanical safety factor. Clutch is located outside the load patch and acts as overload protection device. Robust aluminum die-cast housing and IP54 enclosure. Optional Micro Switch Positioning (MSP) provides the DC (direct voltage control) chain hoist an easy, tool-free and precise approach to set up the hoist traveling limit. 

Rigpro All New RH 1000P DC Chain Hoist

New feature on Rigpro chain hoist—rubber block with micro switch positioning—sets the limit of hoist movement easiest ever. Grab and slide the rubber block to set the travel limit; no bother opening up the chassis, and it’s totally tool-free! A brand-new way to run the DC hoist that you shouldn’t miss out.

Rigpro Chain Hoist Controller [Direct Control]

Rigpro offers a range of sophisticated controllers for direct control chain hoist, incorporating unique design for universal power input, sequence and phase monitoring, “go” link for synchronizing multi units and quick phase correction. All these outstanding features are crafted to cater to the needs in entertainment rigging.

Overview for RigPro Electric Chain Hoist

RigPro electric chain hoist is built for rigorous entertainment rigging environment. The range confirms to industrial FEM 2m/ISO M5 classification as well as BGV D8 for event rigging category. It features durable, reliable, quite operation, user friendly and less maintenance.