We are one of the leading manufacturers of professional lighting equipment and accessories in entertainment industry. For more than three decades, Kupo has established a well-recognized reputation for quality and innovation. Through this website, we hope to provide more detailed information and better service to all of our customers across the globe. The success of Kupo is derived from our commitment to provide the best quality products and service to those who work behind the scenes in the theatre, concert hall, touring crews, and lighting designers. Our constant communication with our valued customers and work with our experienced R&D team has allowed us to introduce innovative and sophisticated products to the entertainment industry with great satisfaction. All Kupo products have been designed and manufactured under strict quality control to provide long lasting durability in harsh production environments and meet international safety regulations. We are proud to boast our certifications such as TUV-GS, CE, UL and cUL on many of KUPO’s select products, including popular products such as our connectors, couplers, safety wires and wind-up stands, lighting fixtures.

We always appreciate your encouragement and patronage. Each little input moves us forward to provide better service and products.