CHC-12-3PL / DC Chain Hoist Controller

DC Chain Hoist Controller
Direct Voltage Control Station


2 Channel Direct Controller for Tri-Phase Hoist.

- Housing is made of ABS for greatest impact-resistance and maximum durability.
- For three-phase (AC 220/380/400/440V) chain hoist control directly; additional magnetic switch is no required.
- Unique mechanical interlock design which helps to prevent short circuit.
- Orange indicator will light up while it is connected with electricity.
- With emergency stop mushroom button.
- 3M long cable for both input and output for usage flexibility.
- Connector: 32A CEE form 5pin (input) / 16A CEE form 4pin (output).


DC Chain Hoist Controller


- Bright LED
- The indicator will lit up when mains is supplied. While the E-stop is pressed, the operation will be suspended until it is released.


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