Round Sling
RIGPRO Polyester Round Sling w/Steel Wire Core

Polyester round sling but steel wire rope inside. This sling is composed of dia. 1.5mm steel wire in 34 loops, making it most flexible with superior strength. Inspection window covered by lid provides convenient access to check the wire rope. Identification labels are included under this lid. Heat resistance up to 150° C. Load capacity 2,000kgs with safety factor 5, whereas it turns to be load capacity 1,000kgs according to BGV-C1 with safety factor 10. Minimum bending radius R=6mm.

- Inpection window for checking the steel wire easily.
- Identification labels clearly reveal the specification of this sling.

As defined by arrows meaning circumference of complete sling
when laid fiat, so called “pull to pull” length.

Round Sling


Steel Round Sling, 1M length,
Load Capacity 2,000 kgs.

Round Sling


Steel Round Sling, 2M length,
Load Capacity 2,000 kgs.

Round Sling


Steel Round Sling, 3M length,
Load Capacity 2,000 kgs.

Round Sling



Steel Round Sling, 5M length,
Load Capacity 2,000 kgs.

Round Sling

Polyester Stage Slings


Round Sling


Round Sling

Sling Angle

When slings are used in a basket hitch and suspended from one hook, sling angles will directly affect the rated capacityof any slings. Sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases.
Working Load Required
Subject to heaviest loads, lifting conditions, and angles.
Round Sling
Sling Angle in Degrees
15 0.259
20 0.342
25 0.423
30 0.500
35 0.574
40 0.643
45 0.707
50 0.766
55 0.819
60 0.866
65 0.906
70 0.940
75 0.966
80 0.985
85 0.996
90 1.000